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Gyprock Plastering Hornsby Ryde Ku-Ring-Gai Local suburbs

BODEK Painting and Plastering is your leading residential, commercial and strata Gyprock Plasterer Painter in Sydney. Based out of Blacktown, NSW servicing all Hornsby Ryde Ku-Ring-Gai local suburbs like,  our team is ready to take care of your gyprock ceiling repairs, gyprock patch repairs, cornice installation, repairs to water-damaged gyprock, Sagging Ceiling, bowing ceilings, complete wall and ceiling installation of gyprock plasterboard and installation of plasterboard over masonry brick. If you need a professional, reliable gyprock plasterer near me in Hornsby Ryde Ku-Ring-Gai Sydney, NSW. contact us today! 


We even offer color consultation, interior painting & exterior painting, limewash painting, and Murals! 

Local & trusted Gyprock plasterer Hornsby Ryde Ku-Ring-Gai

We ensure we’re always providing the best plastering work possible by staying up to date on the latest products, techniques, and industry news. BODEK Painting and Plastering gets the job done right the first time. We have satisfied customers all over Sydney. BODEK is proud to offer a wide variety of services to suit all your plastering and gyprock needs. 

Gyprock Plasterer Services include -

  • Soundproof Ceilings - blocks out any unwanted noise like your music studio or your home theatre

  • Cornice Installation - shadow line finish, 90mm Paper Faced Cornice, Square Set Finish and Ornate cornice 

After installing gyprock plasterboard on walls and ceilings, our plasterers work hard to ensure the surface is ready for painting and are careful to minimise surface irregularities preparing an even surface at joints and completing the final sand.


Note that glancing light is a condition that exists when light hits the gyprock plasterboard surface at certain angles and casts shadows that can highlight surface irregularities, which is inevitable. The good news is our plasterer applies (at discretion) a level 5 finish during installation, your paint choices can alter the effects of glancing light.

Water Damaged Gyprock Ceiling replacement BODEK Painting and plastering
Mould Ceiling replacement BODEK Painting and Plastering

Water damaged gyprock ceiling repairs

Have you noticed discoloration or mould on your walls or ceiling? Do you have water damage and are unsure what to do? 


Water damage, often caused by unknown leaks from a roof or internal pipes, is typically found in and around wet areas like the bathroom, Kitchen, or laundry spaces. This build-up of water and moisture causes the gyprock plasterboard to become waterlogged, which creates a breeding ground for mould and poses health risks. It is always best to have your water-damaged walls or ceiling repaired as soon as possible, as leaving it for too long could lead to higher repair costs or even larger areas needing replacement. If you don’t know how to fix water damage, give BODEK Painting and plastering a call for your gyprock ceiling repairs, we have over 15 years of experience. BODEK Painting and Plastering are Gyprock Plasterer Painter interior specialists repairing various gyprock plastering issues in homes all over Hornsby Ryde Ku-Ring-Gai local suburbs


Additionally, if you require a professional residential or commercial painter BODEK Painting and plastering call as we are a painting company too.

Sagging Ceiling Gyprock Repairs Sydney BODEK Painting and Plastering
Sagging Ceiling Gyprock Repairs Sydney BODEK Painting and Plastering

Sagging ceiling repairs

There are many reasons that can cause a ceiling to begin sagging or bowing which include -not limited to, water damage, natural house settlement, Vibrations caused by garage roller doors and poor installation. if gyprock plasterboard was not correctly installed with the incorrect amount of screws or nails - This is where you typically see on ceilings "Nail pops" over time stud adhesives used to secure plasterboard ceilings in place can naturally or even prematurely deteriorate, this can be caused by the ongoing temperature changes here in Australia or poor Installation techniques.


With our years in the business, BODEK Painting and Plastering have completed many gyprock plastering ceiling repairs to water damaged, sagging gyprock ceiling repairs & bowed ceilings. Call today to set up an appointment!.

Repairing the Ceiling

As per USG boral Installation Manual (Oct 2016)


- "Stud adhesive does not constitute a fixing system on its own and must be used in conjunction with screws or nails".

- "Stud adhesive daubs should be approx

25mm diameter x 15mm high".

- "Do not use adhesive at sheet ends".

- "Keep daubs 200mm (nom) from sheet edges".

- "Keep daubs 200mm (nom) from screw points".

- "It is recommended that at sheet ends screws are spaced at 300mm maximum centres for cornices and 150mm maximum centres for square set finish".

As per USG Boral installation guide there are three methods. 


1/3 Fixing Method 

"Space fasteners at 1/3 points across the width of the sheet and daubs half way between fasteners".

Conventional Method

"Use double fasteners 50-75mm apart along the sheet centreline and space daubs between the fasteners at 230mm maximum centres".  

- This Method has been seen many times and does (in our opinion) fail too often and cause bowing of the Ceiling sheets over time.

Fixing with Screws only (our preferred choice) 

"Space screws at maximum 300mm centres across the width of the sheet".

USG Boral Plasterboard Installation Gyprock Plasterer Blacktown BODEK Painting and Plastering
Sagging Ceiling Gyprock Repair Hills District Sydney BODEK Painting and Plastering
Sagging Ceiling Gyprock Repair Sydney BODEK Painting and Plastering

Option 1 – Complete Ceiling Replacement

This approach is necessary when the gyprock plasterboard sheet/s have become too warped or bowed due to the length of time the sheet/s have become distorted. If the area is left unattended, there is a risk the whole ceiling could collapse.

  • The existing gyprock plasterboard sheets and any cornice are removed before the supply and installation of new gyprock sheets.

  • Additional repairs may be needed if there are signs of damage.

  • New cornice to be added as well as any additional battens added if it is not spaced out to the correct spacing requirements.

Option 2 – Minor Repairs 


Firstly, it is important to identify the cause of the sagging. In many cases, the sagging is due to inadequate fixing of the gyprock to the timber joists/battens. In some instances, the sagging plasterboard areas can be reattached to the ceiling timber joists with additional scews. It is easy to place new screws into the boards and reattach them securely to the existing timber joists/battens.Minor repairs for a gyprock sagging ceiling can be relatively straightforward.


Using the "Fixing screws only" method by screwing the sheets at 300mm intervals will pull the plasterboard back up, securely fixing the ceiling sheets to the timber battens. The screws are then coated with plasterboard compound, areas are sanded and the ceiling can be re-painted - at the homeowners discretion

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