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Bobby is the owner of BODEK and oversees all the projects carried out by the company. Originally from Canada, he's a journeyman in his respective trades. He's worked in various parts of North America  Kamloops to Vancouver in Canada and Seattle, Washington to Honolulu, and Hawaii in the USA. He started working in his trades right out of high school and draws over 20 years of painting and gyprock plastering experience. 


Now settled in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and kids, he's a focused and driven entrepreneur who strives for excellence. From humble beginnings, BODEK is now a thriving business. Over 80% of our clients come through as referrals, thanks to the support and feedback from our satisfied customers. 


Bobby is friendly, approachable, and passionate about his job and the business he's created and dedicated to ensuring you are one hundred percent satisfied with the outcome.

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Gyprock plasterer Repairs Installation Blacktown Sydney BODEK Painting and Plastering




Blacktown, NSW, 2148 

Sydney, Australia

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